Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Starting tomorrow.

7:30 am:
Wake up, dress warmly, loosen up a bit, and head outside to start my new running workout. 5 minute brisk walk warm up followed by spurts of jogging and walking. I will see how long it takes me to do this taking my usual trip around the neighborhood. It's semi-awesome for me to have finally decided to get my ass in gear the day winter is physically beginning.

Probably around 8:30am:
Stretch so my muscles don't wreak havoc on my life, shower off, blow dry hair if I need to, and have a cup of hot chocolate.

From whatever time all that ends to 12:00pm:
Breakfast, homework, and checking up on my various websites and such. At 12 I get up and get ready and head out the door for work, hopefully with a lunch of yummy salad in tow.

Work, study, and try to retain sanity.

9:00pm to 12:00am:
Go home, shower, eat salad, check internets, do some homework, game, and then bed.

Let's see if I can keep to that plan!
3 minutes until I am supposed to leave. Will I? I guess we'll know the answer to that soon.
Perhaps I will think of a gimmick for my blog in the meantime.

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